abigail said...

do you have any zines or collections of this stuff? we should trade sometime! let me know if you do, and we can exchange addresses! also, have you met my friend chris crean?

-confluence zone.only said...

the first one makes me feel full,
and i think i knew a bird like that,
be well

chelsea said...

um you forgot bud light.

it is a privelage to see so much confusion
i have the bruises

Mishkin said...
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Mishkin said...

and miller high life light!
it would be weird to do this with the word "bulb" too, which makes me uncomfortable/allergically reactive/is "hivey" a word/i'm going to the hospital? it would be weird to do this with "hives" as well. Carl is a true innovator in the field of light.

nut bulb
fatso bulb
crack bulb
Mack bulb
sand bulb
wham bulb
horse bulb
Al Gore bulb
cold bulb